Rescue Dogs

I am very excited to be giving a portion of this book’s proceeds to no-kill shelters and rescue operations around the country. This is a great thrill for me, as my own dog, Graham, was a rescue himself. (We got him from a very kind woman near Portsmouth, OH in 2008.) So far as of fall 2012, proceeds from the sale of this book have created donations to the following amazing organizations:

  1. Save the Animals Foundation (
  2. Hart Animal Rescue (
  3. The League For Animal Welfare (
  4. Circle Tails (
  5. PAWS Adoption Center (
  6. Speak Out and Rescue (

If you are considering getting a dog, make sure you do it right. The Humane Society has a great page here on how to make sure you’re not buying from a puppy mill. In general, beware pet stores. There are so, so many pets that need adoption from shelters and other owners.If you adopt a dog, you are really saving a soul and making a difference in the world.

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