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Blue Dog is absolutely terrified of a Romney presidency

  He wakes up in a cold sweat every night thinking about the words “President Willard…”     Credit: Melissa Stewart  

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Blue Dog is a serious f***ing hipster

  He thinks living in Brooklyn is the And you just KNOW he’s got the scoop on some awesome new indie rock bands you haven’t even HEARD about…     Credit: Flickr’s wildernessTX.

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Red Dog thinks the neighbor should mow his damn lawn already

  “Does that clown have any idea how much property values would go up if he would simply EDGE a little?”     Credit: Lynne Pernsteiner.  

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Book Release Day! RED DOG / BLUE DOG Is Finally Here!

BOOK RELEASE DAY IS FINALLY HERE!!! After a year of working on it, RED DOG / BLUE DOG: WHEN POOCHES GET POLITICAL was released in book form on Aug. 1, 2012. Very exciting! The book has already been featured by … Continue reading

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Red Dog is ready for the Kid Rock concert

  Dude has been SLAMMING Natty beers in the parking lot, and is ready to go…     Credit: Jenise Froh.  

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