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ACLU Cat is suing us for not featuring cats on this blog

  She went to Harvard. Don’t f*ck with her.     Credit: Melissa Stewart.  

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Blue Dog awaits his New York magazine so he can read Frank Rich’s latest essay

  He just thinks Mr. Rich’s progressive opinions are spot on.     Photo credit: Flickr’s Lolie Jane.

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Red Dog says, “Judge Roberts is dead to me.”

  She keeps muttering the word “traitor” over and over again…     Photo credit: Flickr’s VKNRM.

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Blue Dog thinks the rent is too damn high

  They wouldn’t even let him participate in the debates.    

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Happy July 4 From My Dog and Me!

Despite what my dog tells you, I absolutely did not force him to wear this bowtie. Those are lies. Vicious lies. Happy 4th of July from Graham and Red Dog / Blue Dog!    

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Blue Dog runs a holistic medicine practice out of her house

  Did she mention that her best friend is an authentic shaman?    

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Red Dog has heard your argument supporting gay marriage but still disagrees

  You can argue with him six ways to Sunday. Ain’t gonna change his mind…     Credit: Bill Shunn.

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Blue Dog was an athiest until about 20 seconds ago

Dude changed his tune REAL quick…   Credit: Saskia Liebscher.

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