Blue Dog always ruins trips to the beach by bringing up the BP oil spill

Instead of swimming and having fun, you are repeatedly reminded about how much sealife was destroyed.



Credit: Pat Caporali.

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Red Dog signed up for the tea party event but only now realizes his error

He is in for one hell of a day…



Credit: Chelsea Ann Redinger.

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RED DOG / BLUE DOG In the News! Book Mentioned By USA Today, The Huffington Post, American Profile, and More

RED DOG / BLUE DOG has been out for about 2 months now and I’ve very happy to share some of the awesome mentions that the book has got!

  1. Look below to see a picture of the book mentioned in USA TODAY. You can see the RED DOG / BLUE DOG feature in USA Today here.
  2. I was interviewed by Cincinnati’s NPR station and we discussed how RED DOG / BLUE DOG came to be, and the Books by the Banks book festival.
  3. I was interviewed by WJET-TV 24 in Erie, PA (where I grew up). You can see the RD DOG / BLUE DOG TV interview here.
  4. Huffington Post did a fun slideshow about RED DOG / BLUE DOG.
  5. I was interviewed on PAWsensitive Radio about RED DOG / BLUE DOG.
  6. The book was mentioned by the fun dog blog, Tucson Tails.
  7. I got interviewed by the local Community Press paper in Cincinnati, where we talked RED DOG / BLUE DOG and they published a picture of my dog, Graham!






RED DOG / BLUE DOG is available at Urban Outfitters



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Hilarious Dog Debate Humor Photo Worth Sharing

Over on the Greyslake Patch website, there is a discussion of what the caption to this photo should be.


Credit: Chuck Ingwersen


Dogs rule.


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Blue Dog Has Way Too Much Education and Challenges You to Intellectual Combat

He’s going for his PhD soon…



Credit: Pam~Ella (Flickr)

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Red Dog would like to remind you for the millionth time that freedom is not free

He thinks that maybe instead of running your mouth off about everything you should serve in the Armed Forces for a while like a real patriot.



Credit: Gemsnwire (Flickr).

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Blue Dog is absolutely terrified of a Romney presidency


He wakes up in a cold sweat every night thinking about the words “President Willard…”



Credit: Melissa Stewart


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Blue Dog is a serious f***ing hipster


He thinks living in Brooklyn is the And you just KNOW he’s got the scoop on some awesome new indie rock bands you haven’t even HEARD about…



Credit: Flickr’s wildernessTX.

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Red Dog thinks the neighbor should mow his damn lawn already


“Does that clown have any idea how much property values would go up if he would simply EDGE a little?”



Credit: Lynne Pernsteiner.


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Book Release Day! RED DOG / BLUE DOG Is Finally Here!


After a year of working on it, RED DOG / BLUE DOG: WHEN POOCHES GET POLITICAL was released in book form on Aug. 1, 2012. Very exciting! The book has already been featured by and made it onto Urban Outfitters bookshelves as well as all the national bookstore chains. You can find the book on Amazon here.

The book is simply the same type of jokes you see here on this site — but we saved the best stuff for the print edition. All in all, I am very proud of the book and excited that it’s finally out. I’m also excited that a portion of the book’s proceeds will go to no-kill shelters and rescue groups. Keep reading below to learn more about the book.






  1. The book makes for a great gift for lovers of politics or dogs or both. You can find the book at any Barnes & Noble location, or at Amazon easily enough.
  2. Simply visit the book’s Amazon page and “like” the page. Every little bit helps.
  3. Spread the word about the book’s release! To direct people to the AMAZON page, use; to direct people to the Red Dog / Blue Dog blog, use


Here is the first copies of the book that we found in Barnes & Noble. So exciting!

Feel free to follow me on Twitter or befriend me on Facebook. Thanks again for visiting my blog.





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Red Dog is ready for the Kid Rock concert


Dude has been SLAMMING Natty beers in the parking lot, and is ready to go…



Credit: Jenise Froh.


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ACLU Cat is suing us for not featuring cats on this blog


She went to Harvard. Don’t f*ck with her.



Credit: Melissa Stewart.


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Blue Dog awaits his New York magazine so he can read Frank Rich’s latest essay


He just thinks Mr. Rich’s progressive opinions are spot on.



Photo credit: Flickr’s Lolie Jane.

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Red Dog says, “Judge Roberts is dead to me.”


She keeps muttering the word “traitor” over and over again…



Photo credit: Flickr’s VKNRM.

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Blue Dog thinks the rent is too damn high


They wouldn’t even let him participate in the debates.



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Happy July 4 From My Dog and Me!

Despite what my dog tells you, I absolutely did not force him to wear this bowtie. Those are lies. Vicious lies. Happy 4th of July from Graham and Red Dog / Blue Dog!


This is my dog, Graham.


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Blue Dog runs a holistic medicine practice out of her house


Did she mention that her best friend is an authentic shaman?



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Red Dog has heard your argument supporting gay marriage but still disagrees


You can argue with him six ways to Sunday. Ain’t gonna change his mind…



Credit: Bill Shunn.

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Blue Dog was an athiest until about 20 seconds ago

Dude changed his tune REAL quick…


Credit: Saskia Liebscher.

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It appears Blue Dog heard your negative comments about JFK from across the park — and he is none too pleased


His “Union Club of Boston” t-shirt should have been enough of a warning.




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Blue Dog considers herself to be a DIY locavore…


The greens she chowed down on last night were farmed jusssst down the way …




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Blue Dog calls you out when you’re not politically correct


He doesn’t care if he embarrasses you in front of friends.



Credit: David Jones.

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2 out of every 3 Red Dogs agree with privatizing Social Security


Majority rules.



Credit: Karen Martinac.

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Red Dog is getting really pissed at whoever keeps taking his Ron Paul yard signs


He’s thinking about setting up a secret camera to catch those rapscallions…



Credit: Allison Hart

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Blue Dog would like to know if this bone is organic and fair-trade


She seriously won’t eat it until you tell her.


Credit: Es Goodman.

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